Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

Change Your Energy. Change Your Life.

This is Belinda Davidson’s philosophy.

And after working through her Level 1 course of the School of the Modern Mystic (aka SoMM) and attending her Advanced Energy Anatomy and Medical Intuitive Training in Melbourne last weekend, I have to agree.

Belinda Davidson was born psychic and works as a medical intuitive, teacher and healer who is dedicated to guiding ‘modern mystics’ to embrace spirituality and discover their life purpose.

Belinda’s intuitive abilities are incredible. I spent the weekend in absolute awe of her skills. Her ability to read someone’s energy field with such ease is inspiring.

She exhibits such confidence and poise and yet is so down to earth. My kinda lady!

The most exciting part has been learning that I, too, have this ability to be intuitive.

I doubted it. Couldn’t believe that I’d be able to read other people’s energy. But I did.

Obviously not at the level that Belinda can do it, but we all have to start somewhere!

And I’m excited to carry on this journey of learning and developing my skills.

The weekend inspired me to deepen the practices that I learnt in Level 1, which are a foundation for her Level 2 course – Discovering your Soul Purpose.

Level 1 covers 3 areas:

– looking after your chakras – your energy centres

– learning to work with the White Light and the healing power of Unconditional Love and

– mindfulness

Paying attention to these 3 areas in your life and you WILL notice a change in your life.

I know that when I incorporate these principles into my daily life, my life runs much more smoothly.

It doesn’t mean it is without challenges, but it means that I have the inner strength to handle them better.

Working on your chakras means facing fears and things you may rather ignore.

But the cave that you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek (Joseph Campbell) and it is by facing what comes up and working through it that we come out the other side wiser and stronger.

Working on your chakras means working on your energy.

Working on your energy means improving your life.

For the better!

Everything is energy so it is simple logic that the more you work on your inner self, the more you will attract what you want in life.

Don’t worry about protecting your energy from other people – this thought is fear-based and lowers your vibration. Instead, own your own energy and be luminous. This not only protects your energy but also lifts those you come into contact with.

~ Belinda Davidson

If you feel drawn to working on improving your life from the inside, Level 1 of SoMM is opening for enrolment.

Having taken this course myself, and now working on Level 2, I can highly recommend it.

If working on your chakras, or energy work interests you – go for it!

Yes, there is work involved. And it can be a rollercoaster of a ride.

I certainly had my ups and downs on the course.

The times when I was dedicated to my practice.

And the times that I fell by the wayside.

But it those times that show me the value of staying on course. That show the value of doing the work.

Every day is a new opportunity to Change Our Energy and Change Our Lives.

Are you ready to change your energy, and your life for the better?

Be Bold. Be The Change

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