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Tamsin Young

After spending my working life in the accounting field, and my spare time studying alternative modalities (EFT, Intuitive Guide, Reiki … to name a few), I felt torn between the two – until I realised that they were, in fact, the yin and yang!

That there was the practical money management aspect and the metaphysical, energetic component – and both are needed to give us the life we desire!

What’s the good of the Law of Attraction if you don’t know how to manage your money when you get it?

And who needs to know how to manage your money if you’re not receiving any?

Combining the two side of me was the answer I’d been looking for to help my clients reach that elusive “work/life balance” and create, what I call, Soul Centred Finances – making money from a space that connects with your Inner Soul – and makes a difference to everyone you meet.

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I combine my knowledge from working in the accounting world for over 30 years, with my Intuitive studies and bring you the best of BOTH worlds!

I empower women entrepreneurs in Money AND Business! We use your business numbers as a TOOL to help you in your personal and spiritual development.

The truth is – Money is NEVER the problem – it merely highlights for us where we need to move from Fear to Love!

Learning to read the story that your numbers are telling you, will change your life – and your bank balance.

I live in Perth, Western Australia with my hubby and 2 kids, who we home educated (and I learnt the most in the process!)

I love, love, love …