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Happy Clients


I had an amazing session with Tamsin. She held the space so powerfully for me to explore my money blocks and the pattern that kept replaying in my life. I really loved her method of tapping too. I'm looking forward to continuing this work with you Tamsin

— jacquelyn atkins

Tamsin is a powerhouse when it comes to releasing energies that are blocking you from receiving abundance in a way that is soul aligned! She is gentle yet direct and I have experienced deep transformational shifts as a result of working with Tamsin - thank you!

— helen reid

I had an EFT session with Tamsin and was blown away! I felt safe to explore whatever came up for me, and Tamsin gently guided me to explore my feelings without judgment. I felt so relieved and light after our session.

— teddey hicks

I had an EFT tapping session with Tamsin to release blocks. Tamsin explained how it worked and put my mind at ease. In the session things came up that I hadn’t realised, it was good to make the connections. Tamsin was wonderful at putting my words together with the reframing process. Would highly recommend, I’ve just booked my next session and look forward to working on my blocks.

— lisa farrington


Tamsin's EFT sessions are AMAZING!!! I'm always blown away by how powerful the shifts are during our sessions and can't wait for our next session.

— amanda meyer

I had an amazing EFT session with Tamsin yesterday. I really appreciated her refreshing approach to getting me out of my head and helping me tune into my body. I felt the session uncovered a number of deeply held blocks that were ready to shift and I am really looking forward to seeing how things develop after our session.

— michelle marie whitehead

Recently I did an EFT session with Tamsin around my childhood money story and how this trauma was background to health challenges I’ve had. I found Tamsin’s approach to be intuitive, supportive and transitional. My money story has unraveled somewhat and within this I’ve experienced a reorientation from my past money experiences which has arrived me at a new place of self awareness and alignment with money. The “aha” moments have continued since. I’m looking forward to further exploration of my money story with Tamsin!

— cynthia jones

Thank you Tamsin for a beautiful session which allowed me to experience a new approach to feeling into and releasing blocks. I now carry the image from inside the pyramid (of meeting my past self) in my heart with an incredible sense of empowerment to move ahead in this life.

— artemiss keyhani