New Moon. New Beginnings.

While we don’t need to wait for any special time to set our intentions and work towards our goals, it can add a certain potency to perform a new moon ritual, and include crystals, to help manifest your desires.

The new moon is known to be a time of:
 – renewal
 – cleansing
 – beginning anew
 – starting new projects

With this being the first new moon of the year this weekend, take the time out to determine:
 – what needs to be cleansed in your life?
 – what new projects do you want to begin?

And then add the potency of some crystals in the form of a crystal grid (if you want to learn about Building Crystal Grids, Mythic Academy has a (currently) free course.)

Crystals are well known for their ability to enhance, amplify and transmute energy or vibration. You have the power, with your intentions, and the energy of the crystals, to create major change in your life.

Which crystals are the best to use? To answer this you need to first determine what you want to bring into your life.

Here are some crystal suggestions for different intentions:

Abundance – aventurine, citrine, agate, fluorite, jade

Love – rose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline, rhodonite

New Beginnings – moonstone, clear quartz, moss agate

Health & Healing – amethyst, clear quartz, selenite

Then, go within, and tap into your intuition to determine what are the best crystals for YOU.

Spend some time at a crystal shop and feel the crystals. See which ones call to you. 

Once you have all your supplies and you know what your intentions are, take some quiet time and build your grid. Again, trust your intuition as to the form of the grid.

Write what your intentions are in a book. You can get a special one for your New Moon Rituals. Make it a monthly ritual.

Spend some time in meditation focusing on your intentions.

Give thanks to the moon for it’s part in bringing your intentions into reality.

Be ready to follow the synchronicities that appear to bring your desires into reality.

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