Mastery vs Overload

How many books are you planning on reading this year? Not novels, but books that are going to expand you and your mind.

I’m always fascinated by people who aim to read a book or two a week. Don’t get me wrong – I love reading. I have a total affinity for books and would happily curl up in a bookstore and read all day long … however, I’m talking about having a goal to read as many books as possible, as if the mere act of reading a personal development book will get the principles ingrained into you.

It’s easy to get swept up in having to read the latest technique for how to manifest, or how to improve your life, or still your mind. I know. I’m a prime candidate. I should have shares in Amazon books!

It’s time to get real. Our knowledge does not increase by the mere act of reading. We need to master the information and apply it to our daily life for it to be of any benefit to us.

Creating a successful, prosperous life, does require constantly obtaining new information. The key lies in how quickly you can implement the right information.

The first step you need to take is to determine what you need to know. It is no good obtaining quality information and applying it in your life if it is not in alignment with where you are heading.

Be intentional.

It’s so easy to sign up for new courses (especially free courses on the internet – I’m all too familiar with this trap!). Less is definitely more. Think of how much more time and energy you’d have if you only focused on what you need to learn now. The good news is that the School of Life is always in session, so you’re not going to miss the class. And you get to take it when you’re ready.

It’s about focus.

Don’t move on till you’ve mastered the skill.

The best way to know if you’ve mastered the skill is to teach it to someone else.

People quote the saying “Knowledge is Power”.

No it isn’t.

Applied Knowledge is Power.jpg

Without taking any action towards your goals, you’re never going to reach them.

Reflection is vital.

This is one of the keys that I have introduced this year and have implemented consistentlyReflect on what you’re learning and how it is working in your life. What do you need to change? What do you need to improve? I ask questions every evening as part of my evening ritual as I reflect on my day. Reflection and discussion with others gives you valuable feedback and helps create the changes you desire.


Ever feel you should have mastered a skill after your first attempt at doing it?

Does a child walk perfectly the first time they take a step? Or the first time they’re on a bicycle?


So why, as adults, do we expect to be perfect at anything new that we learn? Why do we think that there is suddenly no learning curve anymore? The same principles apply for learning a new skill as an adult as they do to a child. The only difference is that the child has more perseverance than we do. They know what they want! And they keep at it till they get it.

Get smart about your learning now.

Drop the excess that you’re carrying that you feel you have to do now. (You know clutter isn’t just physical – it’s all those “should do’s” as well!)

If it doesn’t tie in with achieving your goals, let it go.

Focus on your goals and let all your actions and learning be congruent with working towards them.

Share with us how you approach learning!

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