Be Bold. Be The Change

2016. A new year and new beginnings.

What are YOUR plans for 2016?

Have you set yourself any goals?

Do you know how you want to FEEL for the year?

What is it that drives you?

A new year is the perfect time for re-evaluating your life and setting new intentions.

I have been fortunate enough to have time off over the festive season and have used that time to relax, recharge and reflect.

Relax from a busy year.

Recharge my batteries ready for the challenges that 2016 have for me and my growth.

Reflect on the year that 2015 was.

What was good about it.

What I learnt from it.

What I’m ready to release from it before we move into 2016.

Instead of doing the traditional vision board for 2016, I chose to do a board that reflected my core desired feelings and I also incorporated my word for 2016.

Core Desired Feelings comes from Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map . Instead of creating “goals without soul”, she guides you through a process where you establish the feelings you want the goal to give you.

My Core Desired Feelings (aka CDF’s) are:

BOLD – being prepared to step out of my comfort zone, and being prepared to be ME.
VIBRANT – that feeling of being alive – physically, mentally and emotionally. That buzz that you see in people. That’s what I want!
SERENE – I keep thinking that this is in contrast to being Bold and Vibrant, but it isn’t. One can still have that sense of serenity when being bold and vibrant. Peacefulness and tranquillity. Amidst all the chaos. A serenity that comes from within.
PROSPEROUS – abundance in all manner and form – money, love, health, relationships.
UNFILTERED – saying what I feel without feeling the need to censor myself to keep others happy.

My word for 2016 is CHANGE. Which, interestingly, tied in with the business oracle card that I drew for January – Release the Past – Change.

A time to let go of many things.

To allow space for the new energy to enter.

New projects, new relationships, a new life.

The only thing that is constant is Change.

It’s a process, not an event.

Changing my thoughts and beliefs, which will change my reality.

Accepting responsibility that I am where I am based on my past thoughts, beliefs and actions and if I want a different result then I need to change my thoughts, beliefs and actions.

I’m ready to Embrace Change, and Be the Change that I wish to see in the World.

Are you?

Share with us below your Core Desired Feelings, and your word for 2016.

New Moon. New Beginnings.

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life