Strive To Be First

Today’s message is going to be pretty short and sweet.

Strive to be first.

Now that may sound like I’m challenging you to to be competitive and to try and beat other people, but when I say Strive To Be First, I’m not talking about in races and in competition because, contrary to popular belief I’m actually not a competitive person, but I’d like to challenge you to be
– the first to nod at someone,
– the first to smile,
– the first to compliment, and
– the first to forgive.

How often do we hold ourselves back, mainly out of fear of rejection and we think, “I’d like to go and say something to somebody about that, but:
– what if they reject me?
– what if they don’t like it?
– what if they think I’m crazy?”

Do it anyway

because you never know how that other person may be feeling.

Even if they appear to be confident and comfortable where they are, you never know what fears are going through another person’s mind.

Take that step.

Have the courage to speak your mind when you see something that is good and that is positive. How much benefit you can give to someone else? How much joy you can bring to somebody’s life by paying them a compliment? If you have got something good to say – say it. You just never know what a difference it may make in another person’s life.

We always wait for somebody else to be the first.

I’m challenging you today for that person to be you.

How often are you in a class learning something and you don’t understand and you want to ask a question but if you ask a question everybody’s going to laugh at you and you’re going to feel really stupid.

The truth of the matter is 90% of the people in the class are probably thinking exactly the same question. There are no stupid questions so ask it anyway – and you know how much relief people will have that somebody’s actually asked the question!

Have the courage to step out there. Stop thinking about what other people might think and say what is in your heart.

Be positive and be kind always. It can make such a difference to other people.

Share with us below – where can you step up and be first?

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