Just Do It

Just Do It.

When Nike came up with that expression they really did have a worldwide hit.

That logo of theirs is still alive and well today and it really is a good encouragement and motivator to get out there and do what you want to do.

How often do we hold herself back from trying something new, getting out there and doing something because of fear? Fear of failure – and I talk about that in an earlier post where Failure Isn’t The End of the Road.

When you’ve got something that you want to do – literally – Just Do It – because you don’t know what’s going to come from there – you may not be perfect and you may not get the result that you want, but you don’t know what stepping stone that that is towards where you want to go, and how it might help your path be guided along to where you need to get to.

You think that you’ve got all the steps up here in your mind (or in your planning book!) of what you need to do, or you think that you can’t take any steps until you have every single step laid out for yourself – but that’s not true.

If we only had the confidence to trust our intuition and our soul to give us the answers of what we needed to do and when we needed to do it – because our soul has the blueprint of what we need to be doing in our life – and if we just took the time to tune in and listen we would know what we needed to do.

Sometimes that step that we think is totally crazy and not going to do what we wanted to do. It’s not going to get us from A to Z because it’s not following the steps that WE think we need to take. But, by doing that step, we may meet somebody who totally shortcuts us from B to Y and we end up at Z anyway – and a lot quicker!

So take that first step, and if you learning something new, it allows you to find out:
– what works,
– what doesn’t work,
– what do you like, and
– what don’t you like
and that allows you to make those adjustments so that you can make changes and evolve into the person that you going to to be.

How you start off today isn’t where you are going to be in 5 years time.

Life is a continual journey, and we all evolve. We start with our message – and I know personally how my setting up an online business has evolved over time – I have had this idea in my mind – and it’s only by going through the process and trying something and going “It’s not really quite what I want,” and moving along, that we actually discover what we want.

It’s almost like having something that you rub to bring out the the true beauty of what is there – and it is only by going through that process that we discover what our truth is, and that requires us to just get out there and Just Do It.

It really is worthwhile. It’s worth any pain and suffering that you think you may suffer and the results are always worth it so please – get out there – Do It.


Tune into your intuition and trust yourself.

I’d love to hear from you what’s an action you can take today on something that you’ve been avoiding that you can Just Do It!

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