Less Than 90 Days To Go

 gentle reminder to you all – it’s less than 90 days or 3 months to Christmas and that means it’s nearly the end of another year and I’ll ask the simple question – How are you going with the goals that you set for 2016? Have you given up or thought, “It’s too late – I’m not going to achieve what I set out to do,” and decided, “I’ll try again next year. I’ll set some great goals and next year I’ll definitely make the effort and I’ll achieve them.”

The good news is – it’s not too late – you can still achieve some, if not all of your goals before the end of the year and before New Year comes!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can only set goals at the beginning of the year and that if everything falls into a pile of whatever that you just have to give up there and then.

Everybody faces challenges. Everybody faces setbacks.

What I would suggest you do is pull out that list of goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year – you did write them down didn’t you? – and have a look at them and decide do I still actually want to achieve these goals or were these just some crazy ideas that I had because everybody else was doing them?

Once you’ve got your list have a look and see “What DO I want to still do on this list or do I have other new, more exciting goals that I’d rather achieve before the end of the year – and write those down.

And then – make a plan.

This doesn’t have to be set in concrete with no room to move – in fact it’s better that you allow some kind of flexibility because that then allows the universe to bring in a bit of synchronicity for you and bring opportunities that you may not have thought about, or all the different ways of achieving the goal that you want to achieve so don’t limit yourself with how it’s going to actually happen. Allow for new paths to to be developed and for opportunities to to meet other people who might allow you to achieve that goal in a way that you never imagined possible but at least by making a plan you’ve got some kind of an action step that you can actually go out there and make a start and as you go out there and take those first steps and then discover “Hmmm, this isn’t really going to work, let’s change,” and you can move along. It’s like steering a ship. Each time a ship goes a little bit off course you just gently bring it back to where you want to go.

Allow that flexibility into your plan. For alternatives to to come up because you never know what can happen.

Most importantly – start today. Don’t wait for tomorrow to make a start on your goals. Do it now.

If it’s really that important to you – make the commitment to get going now – there’s no better time than NOW to make that start.

If you got something holding you back – fear of something, or not knowing where to start – post it in the comments, email me – let me know what’s holding you back. See if I can help you. If I can’t help you maybe I can refer you to somebody else you can but you’re not going to get any closer to your goals by sitting there thinking about them and being a wannabe, couldabe, shouldabe.

Be someone who takes action and actually move towards your goals.

Be the person who’s going at the end of the year go, “YES! I did it! I achieved these goals!”

Even if you don’t achieve all of them, it’s ok – it’s how much closer you are to where you want to get that really counts. It’s all about the journey. It’s not necessarily all about the destination. It’s who you become as you’re going along and trying to achieve that goal. It’s the personal development you experience.

Take action and see what a difference it makes in your life. A lot can change in 90 days. Don’t let the next 90 days go past without making some effort to make those dreams for 2016 come true.

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Comment below to let me know what you were going to do towards achieving your goals for 2016.

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