Wake Up & Listen

Last week I shared my Love Letter to my Body with you. The next step in my practice was for my body to write a letter to me. It wasn’t as loving as the one I’d written to it. It shows how easy it is for us to believe that all is well just because we are fit and healthy. Even though I’m not proud of how I’ve mistreated my body, I’m sharing my letter with you as I know that, as women, we all go through this at some stage and I hope that you can learn something from my conversation.

I’m tired. I’m really tired. You don’t seem to listen to me when I talk to you. You just talk over me. You disregard my messages for love, attention and time out. To just be.

All the things you say you never got as a child, all the tears that you weep, well, that’s me. I’m crying to you for help. I’m crying for love. For appreciation. To be seen. Why don’t you hear my calls? Why do you use me as a punch bag when things go awry? Taking out your emotions on me through bad eating and lack of sleep.

Yeah, I’m still coping, but you really aren’t making the best use of me. I have SO much more potential for you. I have SO much more resources that can be used – if you just looked after me properly – what comes into my system from food, thoughts and energy – and the overall care that is given.

Take some time out for you. Open up to your heart. Let’s have fun together and bring laughter back into your life.

Oh how easy it is to neglect ourselves. As Goddesses we need to take the time out and replenish our reserves FIRST. I know I spend time in healing myself, but there are also areas and times when, instead of looking within for solutions, I eat in the hopes of deadening the pain and that it will allow me to move on.

Life doesn’t work that way. The issues need to be dealt with or they will just keep on repeating themselves until we learn the lesson!

This is my wake up call to remember to be mindful with how I react in situations and to deal with the heart of the matter and not ignore it hoping it will sort itself out on its own.

Mindfulness and intention. My aim.

Share with us below what your body would say to you!

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