Live YOUR Truth

Today we’re going to be talking about truth – I read a quote today on one of the posts from Facebook from Laura Probert, Brave Healer, and in it she said:

Something that aligns with your soul.
Mine’s different than yours.
Neither is wrong.
Both are worth speaking.

This really hit home with me because I realised that we think that truth is something that is universal and applies to everyone. She’s talking about your own personal truth.

Before I go into that I want to talk about some Universal Truths that do apply to all of us.

  1. We create our own experience through choice – either consciously or unconsciously – we are our own Creators.

  2. We are 100% responsible for creating our experiences. No-one can create our experiences for us, just as we cannot create experiences for someone else. So if you’re sitting around waiting for somebody else to take action and create your reality, you’re going to be waiting a long time. You need to take action and you need to create your own reality. Once we accept that we are responsible for our experiences and where we are, that is where we can really start making positive changes in our life.

  3. Every choice that we make in our life creates a consequence. And this is where karma comes from. This consequence will persist until a new choice is made. That’s why it is so important to have some clearing done in your life, on your energy, including your energy from your past lives so that you can move forward and you can have the opportunity to make those new choices. Making new choices comes from a point of being aware of what you have been doing, and then making that conscious choice to do something different. It’s one thing to be aware of something that you’re doing incorrectly, it’s another thing to make that new choice and move in a new direction.

  4. We create through free will. This is one of the most powerful truths that we have. That we do have free will. We often think that we don’t. We often think that we don’t have any other options, but that is not true. We have free will to choose what we want to do. What we have to realise is that we have to bear the consequences of whatever choice we make. No-one can disempower us. This gives us ultimate authority of our own experience. There are no good or bad choices. There are only ones that are in or out of alignment with our own Divinity.

Where I want to come from with your personal truths is that what is right for me and what is in alignment with my Divinity can be very, very different to what is right for you. When we act out of obligation, blame, shame, then you’re acting out of alignment with your Divinity.

When you make choices based on what other people are going to think of your action, rather than what is in your heart, you are going to be out of alignment with your Divinity.

Whenever you think that you don’t have a choice, you are again acting out of alignment with your Divinity, or your Soul’s Purpose.

That is when you create problems in your life.

You need to stay in integrity with who you are.

You need to follow the beat of your own drum.

Those aren’t just pithy sayings. Those are truths.

Your drum is beating to a different rhythm to my drum. It doesn’t make your music good or bad, it’s music that is right for you.

If it feels right in your heart and soul, and that is what you are called to do now, then that is what you must do.

What you are called to do when you are 20 and what you are called to do when you’re 50 can be two very different things, and it’s not to say that what you did when you were 20 is wrong. If it was in alignment with who you were then, then it was the correct action for you to take.

Where you are and the choices that you make now then that must be true for you now. It’s a case of being in tune with who you are, what guides you and where your strengths are.

I have found that my children are my greatest teachers. From home educating our children, I have had to become very familiar with who I am and how I learn and how I understand information and then understand who my children are, how they learn and what they need in their life.

We think we need to give our children what we felt we needed when we were growing up, and I have learnt that that is not true. You have to look at your children as being individual souls, which they are, and providing them with what they need. No judgement about right or wrong.

Just as it is with other people. This is where we need to empower others, and support others in acting in accordance with their own divinity.

We are all different. We need that encouragement and support from others to know that we are on the right path. It’s so easy to feel that you’re the black sheep when in essence you are following the calling of your heart. There is so much pressure for us to conform to society  nowadays, or be ostracised. That is one of our greatest fears – being ostracised and not belonging to the tribe.

Way back when, being ostracised from the tribe meant that you wouldn’t survive. You were left alone to defend yourself. If you can imagine back thousands of years ago, if you weren’t in that tribe anymore, it was very difficult to survive.

We want that acceptance.

To be able to live in a position of non-judgement of others, encouraging them to follow their own calling,  and being true to yourself is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and to others.

To accept that what is true for us may not be the same as others. And accepting how they are behaving is true for them.

I would encourage you to get in touch with who you really are through meditation. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is spending our time quietening our  mind, listening to that inner voice of wisdom that we all have.

Nobody else can tell us what we need, we need to tap into our own wisdom and listen to our own voice. And give other people the gift of listening to them.

Share below what your truths are and what how you go about following the beat of your own drum. 

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