Connecting To Your Divinity

Today we’re going to talk about Connecting to your Divinity.

This came about because I’ve recently been on holiday and when I came back I was moaning to one of the groups that I belong to about how I felt that I didn’t feel that I belonged, I was different to everyone else, I didn’t seem to be able to relate to a lot of what others seemed to be going through.

I thought I’m different. I’m odd. I’m the strange one.

Fortunately it’s a group of loving, supportive Goddesses who believe that Empowered Women, Empower Women.

I was given a lot of good advice, but in particular, the sage advice from The Flowering Goddess, Viviana, really struck a chord with me. She said to me:

You cannot NOT be intuitive, creative and magical.
Intuitive – because this is your inner guidance and we all have that.
Creative – because that is the core of your being.
Magical – because we all have something to offer. We need diversity in our talents, skills, abilities, contributions and offerings.

That is so true. We often don’t see what we have. We limit our beliefs of what is creative. We think that being creative relates to being able to draw and paint. Even in the artistic field, we seem to limit being creative to painting and drawing.

That is so not true.

Do not limit yourself. We are all creative in our own way. We all connect to our own Divinity in a different way.

In my Akashic Record training that I’m currently doing, she talks about the eight Divine Energy Centres, which are:
– Compassion
– Creation
– Order
– Love
– Self-expression
– Truth
– Power
– Wisdom

These eight energy centres are all held by all of us, in different percentages in each person – and that is what makes us unique. And that is what makes us different.

No energy centre is better than another.

When we learn about them, we resonate with who we WANT to be, rather than who we ARE. We look at others and we see their gifts, and we take the belief that the “grass is always greener on the other side” and we get “energy envy”. We want to be like them. We see their gifts, and our gifts we see as being character flaws. We aren’t good enough because we don’t fit in with everybody else.

Our gifts can make us feel different from society that tells us what we “should” be like. We think we have character flaws.

The truth is – we all have our own gifts. We are all creative in our own way.

But we need to choose our Divinity. Our gifts are not going to assert themselves in our lives. We have to take responsibility for living our own self-expression. Living in alignment with our own soul purpose. Our own Divine Purpose. It is up to us to take the time and energy, make the space in our lives to find out what is our own Divinity, what is true to us.

We can do that through self-reflection. We can do it through consulting with someone who can help us with that. We can do both. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. It is up to us to find out where our own Divinity lies and to live our life in accordance with that truth.

I would really encourage you to spend the time and find out who you really are at your core. What is your Soul’s truth? And start living according to that truth.

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