Moving from Financial Fear to Financial Freedom


Are money fears keeping your business from growing? I support female entrepreneurs to clear their resistance to earning, and keeping, more money in their business so that they can have a business that they love, that supports them financially, and that is sustainable on an energetic level.



It’s time to stop worrying about money, working harder and harder to make more and feeling uncomfortable talking about money. See how I can support you to create a new money story.

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Since money is energy, our financial affairs tend to reflect how our life energy is moving. When your creative energy is flowing freely, often your finances are as well. If your energy is blocked, your money does too.

— Shakti Gawain


Embrace Your Wealth

This is where Spirituality Meets Wealth. We no longer have to buy into the paradigm that being spiritual means being poor - we can be wealthy, and we can make a difference. In fact, that is how we will create a revolution from the ground up! A rising tide lifts all boats, and through creating our own financial freedom, we free other women to do the same! It’s time to fall in love with your money.