It’s Your Time

Denise Duffield-Thomas, from has a great quote:

It’s my time, and I’m ready for the next step.

And this is so true – it IS your time – and you really, truly are ready for the next step.

Notice that it says “the next step”. 

Not the 50 000th step (not just yet!)

Not to step into the climax of your big goal.

Just the next step.

And that’s all we have to do.

Take the next step.

‘Cause you know what? The next step will be preparing you for your big goal.

It’s one of the many stepping stones for you to reach your big goal.

Your goal wouldn’t be big and scary if you were ready to do it today. You wouldn’t really and truly be stretching yourself.

You need to grow into that person.

And that means following the breadcrumbs that the Universe is placing in front of you.

And following means not just noticing the breadcrumbs – but taking action!

Each step that you follow through on will bring new synchronicities to you.

And each step that you take will give you more confidence in your abilities and help you solidify your knowledge – or work out what you need to learn more about (and that’s not an excuse to get lost in another course and stop taking action!)

Trust. Have faith. Take inspired action.

Tune into your intuition. Notice the signs. Ask the Universe to make it really obvious for you if you’re likely to miss the subtle clues! The bottom line is that the Universe does want you to succeed. But it can have a bit of a sense of humour 😉

Be clear. Know what you want. Know what your mission is. 

If you’re not clear on your purpose – spend time in meditation and ask for clarity. 

As you take inspired action towards your goal you can find yourself getting more clarity. So don’t use “not knowing” as an excuse to not do anything.

Be persistent.

Keep following the path. Sometimes it will feel that you’re journeying off the path. Remember that the path is not necessarily a straight line. You may not always know how experiences will help you with your goal. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and when we look back we can see the purpose of experiences we’ve had.

And when it comes time for your big goal to become a reality, remember your mantra:

It’s MY time, and I’m ready for the NEXT step!

Step up there, ready to make a difference and Be The Change.

Fear will dog you every step of the way. It’s all part of the journey. 

You ARE ready. 

Share with us below: What is the next step you’re ready to take?

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