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Where Spirituality Meets Wealth …

are you ready to become a Spiritual Warrior?

That elusive feeling of wanting “financial freedom”, but the thought of handling money, YOUR money, makes you feel uncomfortable.

After all – you never were any good at maths at school and just the mention of numbers is enough to throw you into a spin.

You’re making GOOD money, but hate the thought of that dreaded word “budgeting”.

It’s time we changed our approach to money and our finances.

How does “Conscious Awareness” sound when it comes to spending your money?

Are you really conscious of where your money goes? Maybe it’s time to find out – and see how closely it is aligned to YOUR true values – after all, those are the ones that count. The ones that make you feel Soul Centred.

It’s time to ditch the “cookie cutter” approach to your finances and work out what YOU need. Know what “Financial Success” means to you, and develop a system that supports YOU and works with how YOU think!

Because THAT’S the one you’ll stick with.

We work with my 30+ years  experience in the accounting field, reading the story that your numbers are telling you, and use them as a tool to design your Soul Centred life, and we weave the energy and mindset work throughout to create balance.

As within, so without.
As above, so below.

After all 

Energy speaks louder than words

If you’re ready to step up and dive deep into how your money story and beliefs are holding you back, then I’m here to support you on this journey.

Below are ways we can work together.

deep dive money story

Are you ready to be in control of your money and where it’s going?

Understanding your numbers and how they can help you make decisions in your business?

We spend 90 minutes together taking a Deep Dive into your numbers to find your Money Story – and discover how your fears are stopping you making the profit you desire to support your dream lifestyle.

AUD 197 for 90 minutes.

Via Zoom. With me. 

We face those fears face on. Together.

You get clarity on what your numbers mean and how to create a plan to move forward to your goals.


soul centred finances

For Spiritual Warriors who are ready to:

  • Live in alignment with your money – spiritually, emotionally and physically!
  • Create the healthy relationship that you’ve always desired.
  • Feel confident with reading your finances, setting financial goals and dealing with the money blocks that are brought up as you expand your business.

We work together over a period of 3 months – 4 weekly sessions (first session 90 minutes, subsequent sessions 60 minutes), followed by 4 fortnightly sessions (60 minutes each)

We do a financial review every month, track your goals and make sure you understand your money AND know how to manage it!

We also work on an energetic basis and I include a monthly reading of your chakras to see where you are out of alignment and what changes you need to make energetically.

AUD 900 (or 3 payments of AUD 350)


still not sure ?

Not sure if this is right for you?

Book a FREE discovery call here.

what spiritual warriors say

Tamsin you are amazing – I have been really working hard on my “stuff” especially since the beginning of the year and this afternoon I really feel like I have made a giant leap forward. 

Listening back to our conversation was a real epiphany too – incredible. Tamsin I thank you so much – I really hope you know how much I appreciate your time and your knowledge and your money expertise. It is incredible what you can get out of just half an hour – I feel like my progress has had a supercharge. THANKYOU XO

Liz Atkins

I just received a chakra reading from Tamsin to identify my energetic blocks to receiving abundance… and at the first sentence my reaction was OUCH because she immediately cut through to the truth… by the end of the report I was in tears… I have felt these blocks for so long but it’s all been a bit wishy washy… Tamsin got it so spot on I’m going to be printing off the (beautifully written) report and putting it up to remind myself everyday of what I need to be working through… particularly as soon I’m going to be calling in financial abundance so I can go do some important training for a project that I am passionate about. Thank you Tamsin.

Chantelle Valarie | Mandala Goals

Want to Change Your Money Story?