Love notes

Tamsin you are amazing – I have been really working hard on my “stuff” especially since the beginning of the year and this afternoon I really feel like I have made a giant leap forward. 

Listening back to our conversation was a real epiphany too – incredible. Tamsin I thank you so much – I really hope you know how much I appreciate your time and your knowledge and your money expertise. It is incredible what you can get out of just half an hour – I feel like my progress has had a supercharge. THANKYOU XO

Liz Atkins

I just received a chakra reading from Tamsin to identify my energetic blocks to receiving abundance… and at the first sentence my reaction was OUCH because she immediately cut through to the truth… by the end of the report I was in tears… I have felt these blocks for so long but it’s all been a bit wishy washy… Tamsin got it so spot on I’m going to be printing off the (beautifully written) report and putting it up to remind myself everyday of what I need to be working through… particularly as soon I’m going to be calling in financial abundance so I can go do some important training for a project that I am passionate about. Thank you Tamsin.

Chantelle Valarie | Mandala Goals

Money was (and still is!) a taboo topic with my family; I grew up knowing it was really important and how to save it, but not knowing how to value it and spend it in a way that felt really good.

Now that I’m a grown-up with grown-up responsibilities, a mum and an entrepreneur, I want to be more mindful of how I see, spend and attract money in my life.

Working with Tamsin helped me re-frame some of my negative thinking, let go of those messages from my past and find new ways to value my time and my services. She has a lovely, holistic approach to all things financial and gave me lots of tips and tools I can use whenever anxiety or blocks about money come up for me. I’ll be able to use these over and over again in both my parenting and my business.

Christine Marion-Jolicoer | Parenting Coach

Before working with Tamsin, I avoided my bank account. Now I feel like I am in better control of my money and have some kind of action plan. 

Tamsin listens to what you need and has excellent suggestions and tools to offer to get you on track.

Thank you so much, Tamsin!

Hillary Arrieta | Gaia Bodywork

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